The essential brushes for makeup

There is very less difference between applying a makeup and a painting. Various strokes are required like in a painting to make the skin smooth. After that colours are applied that define your face cut and lines. It is your choice what colours you want and how you want to mix them. It depends on your complexion and the dress that is going to accompany that makeup. If makeup is done carefully, then it is for sure that it would look beautiful. 

But it is a common observation that many people make mistakes while putting on makeup. Hence it is important that you keep certain makeup tips in your mind always. 

Makeup is like a necessity for every female. And it is important for every female to use just the right type of tools so that there is no problem what so ever and the makeup applied is just fine. Just like said before, it also requires strokes and a proper mixture, blend and balance of every thing is vital. To make sure that balance is there, tools are to be used. 

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One most common tool is a brush. They are very easy to use and almost every woman knows how to use it. Not just the professionals but brushes are really easy to use and can be used at your home only. Yes it would take a little more time than the parlor but eventually you would be satisfied because it will be as you would like it to be. You just need to know the basics and you will know everything. 

There are different types of brushes available in the market. They are: 

Skin Brush S07C Foundation Brush - brush for applying liquid foundation that, thanks to the squared shape of the tip, allows to obtain a natural and uniform effect on the skin without wasting the product. Thanks to its small dimensions and the practical and stylish leather case, it can be easily carried in your purse for any use and at every occasion.



Skin Brush S13 Concealer Brush - this expert concealer brush is an essential for well blended concealer application. 


Face Brush F10 - blush brushes are very fluffy and soft to touch. They can vary in size but are usually large and round. They are perfect brushes to help you work on your cheeks. 


Eye Brush E03 - eyeshadows should always be neat. They should not be uneven. This makeup brush helps you blend the colours very quickly and also apply it on the eyes. However you have to be carefully while purchasing them. Go for the soft ones. 


Lip Brush L01 - this is usually very small in size and also very slim. It does not waste your lipstick and also prevents it from spreading anywhere else than your lips. Once you are done with the outer lining of the lipsBusiness Management Articles, these brushes can be used to mix the lip liner and lipstick without having to worry about them. 


Don't forget Natural Soap Brush cleaner - this soap is specially formulated to clean, disinfect and keep the brush fibers soft, making them last longer. Made with vegetable oil, it contains delicate conditioning ingredients that help keeping the bristles soft and prevent them from breaking. 



Author Ricky Hussey and Giorgia Balestri. 

(Cover photo by Jia Fei) 

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