Discover MTJ Superior Therapy Argan Oil

Moisturizers and antioxidants for dull and opaque hair

Widespread in Morocco, the origins of this plant go back over 80 million years ago. The famous Argan oil is extracted by the roasted ripe kernels of the fruit, which is also known as Gold of the desert, to emphasize its value and outstanding properties and also to refer to the laborious process required for the extraction: from 100 kg of dried fruit, after many hours of processing you can get little more than 3 kg of oil. It has extraordinary effects on the hair, it nourishes, moisturizes, and protects it against oxidation making it shiny and soft. This excellent oil, after a process of ozonation, becomes even more active and maximizes the properties described. Argan is one of the rarest and most exclusive raw materials in the world, and it embodies richness, youth and beauty. 

MTJ Superior Therapy is the Hair Care you deserve.

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