We Believe

We believe real beauty comes from Nature
From the richness of Argan oil with high moisturizing power and antioxidant, ideal for the care of stressed and devitalized hair, difficult to comb.
The precious essential oil of Iris, a very rare essence know for the delicacy of its fragrance and its purifying properties, essential for skin renewal.
Or the Cashmere proteins, with powerful moisturizing – nutritive action. If you look closely enough, Nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to nurture our skin and hair. That is the reason why we believe in MTJ Superior Therapy hair care products.

We believe in certified quality
We have launched our shop with a ranges of professional hair care products, enriched with natural and precious ingredients that give your hair and scalp the wake up call that they need. All MTJ products are paraben-free.
Do MTJ products contain perfume? All products MTJ use, wherever possible, essential oils and aromas that are totally free of allergens or contain just small amounts of allergens, needed to avoid any possible reaction.
Are MTJ products tested on animals? NO, in accordance with the prohibition resulting from EU legislation to conduct such kind of test in the cosmetic industry, MTJ products are not tested on animals.
In addition to MTJ’s Superior Therapy haircare products, we are expanding our range with Makeup and Skincare to offer you the tools you need for a stunning look.

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